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Dolphin Sites

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Dolphins and Man Newsletter Interesting newsletter with lots of data and good links.

Mermaid Sites

Ed's Mermaid Page Ed has put together a stunning collection of mermaid art. Be sure to take a look!

Journeys of Discovery Transformational Travel for Women. Nourish your Mind, Body and Spirit. "Be sure to visit this for unique travel experiences"

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Seashell World An environmentally educational shopping experience. Exotic sea shells, starfish, sand dollars and unique seashell novelty items. Fun for collectors and crafters alike. Dive on in!

A gift of poetry from the heart Excellent gifts that literally last a lifetime. Wedding poems. Anniversary poems. Birthday poems. Christmas Poems. Unique poems written for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays.

Leslie & Heather, the Majic Twins Beautiful whale photography and lots of interesting links. Check out this wonderful site!

DirectoryJewelry.com - Jewelry Directory and Resources Jewelry Directory & Resources. Helps you find the best jewelry sites.



What our customers have to say about us. The remarks shown below are comments from happy customers. We can't show you any from unhappy customers, because we haven't had one.

Hi Diane, I have received my triple dolphin ring and am absolutely in love with it! This is my favorite piece of jewelry I love it and can't stop looking at it! It fits perfect and looks great next to my engagement ring. If you have a survey send it on over I would love to express my love for this ring with possible customers for you! Thanks for the hand written note on the invoice it really made this purchase very personal. I look forward to getting more fabulous jewelry from you and thank you for making such pretty and unique jewelry.

Christina And Keith *********************************************************** From Florida,

Hi Diane, Rec'd the earrings yesterday - they are perfect - an exact match - Thanks so very much for taking the extra time to be sure they were right - I love them - I've bookmarked your web-site You've made the purchase effortless, Kathy *********************************************************** I just received your mermaid/opal ring that was given to me as an engagement ring. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful this ring really is. Every detail is just so amazing and the color of the opal is something I have never seen before. Every time I look at it I feel like I AM a mermaid, it just takes my breath away to see that sparkle and those tones of green and blue. I'm not sure whether it looks more like the ocean or the earth, but it is like capturing everything beautiful inside something that fits onto a finger. It fit perfectly and even though it doesn't resemble a traditional engagement ring, this ring is me, it is everything I dreamed of and more. And according to my fiance, service was excellent. You called him right away to discuss the purchase, kept him up-to-date with emails, and even gave us a 10% off coupon (which will help us with purchasing our wedding bands). For as nervous as he was just planning the engagement and deciding to spend money on someone special (keep in mind no refund allowed for special orders), you fortunately helped him be at ease about everything else. Buying something like this online is tough, but you are very amazing people and you truly care about your business. Thank you for helping us have a wonderful engagement and giving me something to brag about for the rest of my life. I DONT EVER WANT TO TAKE IT OFF! Thanks, Amanda ********************************************************** From Michigan,

Dear Diane,

I have received the ring. As promised, it is exquisite! I absolutely love it! I especially like how heavy and substantial it feels, and yet it has such fine detail! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the extra care that was obviously taken in creating it.

I will really enjoy this ring. I'm so glad I found your website. I have over 200 mermaids, but this is now by far the most treasured. Thank you again.

Good luck and God bless-

********************************************************** From Brazil,

Hi John,

The mermaid ring has just arrived and I'm glad to say everything went just fine.

It is a very beautiful piece of jewelry and the timing was just perfect since my birthday is tomorrow!

Thank you for taking a personal interest.

****************************************************From Indiana

Just got back from vacation and the ring was waiting at my parents house!

My breathe was taken away by the detail. The pictures do not do it justice!

Thank you it's beautiful! Better than I could have imagined! If you have a catalog that you send out we'd love to be on the list.

***************************************************From California

I absolutely love this ring. I wasn't expecting the matte finish on the body, however, I really like the contrast it creates. The closer I look, the more impressed I am with the detail of the piece. I love the way her hair, which is polished, flows away from her face, which is matte finished. Her face has incredible detail for how small it is. I love the graceful curving of her body from hands to hips. I love the way there is contrast where her polished, beaded tail meets her matted torso. And of course, her wonderful fins. All together, she is a very unique and beautiful piece of art. It is magical too! When I wear her I feel feminine and confident and a little mysterious. On the practical side, it is a sturdy, well-made piece of jewelry that I will not be afraid to wear everyday. I am impressed with the amount of gold in this piece. I could tell by the pictures from your web site that you did good work. You surpassed my expectations. I do not say this lightly. I value good craftsmanship with attention to fine detail, high quality, and I look for the unusual and unique. I also value service. You have satisfied all this and more. She has a life of her own. Absolutely beautiful.

If you have any updates or breaking news, let me know. I will be visiting your web site often for updates, but you may contact me directly through e-mail if you wish.

seadesigns@yahoo.com 340-779-4110


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